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If you haven’t networked before ‘Yes it’s scary’ with the thought of walking into a room full of strangers!  You can be rest assured at East End Connections we are a friendly and relaxed bunch and love to welcome newbies to our group often with a hug, well we have been dubbed the ‘East End Huggers’, but don’t worry we will respect your space too. You’ll soon become one of the regulars making connections, building bonds and benefitting from the support we offer one another.   
Networking is a great way to escape the distractions faced at home or in the work place with the madness involved with running a business or hitting targets. There is nothing better than actually meeting people face to face (a dying social convention these days) but the benefits are huge, you really get to know, like and trust your peers and by interacting with people it’s proven to help your wellbeing.
Come along and try for yourself to see if this is where your kind of people are hanging out.  
All EEC events for the year are on Eventbrite: https://glasgoweecevents.eventbrite.co.uk
Network Connections are key to any successful business no matter whether it’s just an idea of a business you have or you are an established company. Working with peers in a group, partnering or collaboration will help expand reach and by building relationships and bonds this will be the key to a successful business – well let’s face it nobody can do it alone, we all need a helping hand sometime!
At our monthly Networking Events the room is always buzzing with a great mix of friendly people, usually around 60, ranging from independent home businesses to established organisations, Charities and Social Enterprises. We are open to all business sectors, there are no limitations to the number of same sectors as ‘one size does not fit all’ so encourage businesses not just from the East End but further afield to help widen our network of connections.  

What Members And Attendees Say

‘Yesterday I conquered my huge fear of networking and talking about myself to strangers – I can say with full certainty that it was terrifying but after few minutes  I began to talk to many new people so much so that we ran out of time. “Great to meet you!” “Connect with me on LinkedIn” “Here’s my card, get in touch when you’ve finished college” “I’m looking for a graphic designer” “I’ll contact you and let’s meet up again” – priceless phrases I’m so grateful to have heard today. – I felt very welcomed by everyone and have came away with a new-found confidence in my business idea. Take the chance if it arises, you never know who you could meet’

Alice Mitchell (Student)

‘The Glasgow East End Connections FB group and Networking meetings provide a fun, approachable and non daunting way to make connections and learn more about local businesses, but most importantly it provides a supporting network to all independent Glasgow businesses through which experience and advice is openly shared! Thanks Fiona for organising!’

-Dafni Bechsti, East End Business

‘I highly recommend East End Connections for professionals looking to grow their businesses, the group are a mix of approachable people and combined with Fiona’s supportive, infectious enthusiasm makes meetings fun and productive, and to date I have not only concluded some lucrative business directly from EEC but have made several new business contacts which I feel will bear more fruit in 2019’

-Scott Buchanan DipIP ASCI, West End Business

‘Fiona has a magical touch! She is hard working, heart led and thinks of others before herself. I met Fiona at an exhibition in Glasgow in September 2017. She was promoting her network business East End Connections. I’d asked around and was hearing great things about that network. I live 2 hours north of Glasgow so I spend a lot of time considering whether the journey is necessary – would I meet my target audience? It was a few months before I finally prioritised East End Connections on my networking schedule. And I was so glad I did. Fiona leads by example – she is warm welcoming and encourages all businesses: new, established, solopreneurs, limited companies, social enterprises, charities, start-ups, creatives, other networking group owners. Fiona is fuelled by helping others succeed, by connecting people, by doing what is right and what is moral. Her leadership permeates the networking group.
There are always more than 50 people in the room. The room buzzes with excitement. She has a core of networkers who turn up month on month (I’m one of them) and she gets a great number of new people every time. Fiona works really hard on social media to promote the group – to get the widest possible audience and to attract the widest possible mix of businesses in the room. I thoroughly enjoy East End Connections meeting and I am proud to have Fiona as my friend. Come along and check for yourself!! I’m sure you’ll be glad you did!!’

-Samantha Marshall, Argyll

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