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Carole Forde

07903 726 634

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The main purpose of CBT is to help to identify and change unhelpful thinking patterns, assumptions and beliefs. CBT ultimately improves one’s mood by changing one’s thoughts -

Ridgestone Physical was formed in June 2016 after it's founder , Jay Cramb, re-trained in both Swedish and Sports & Remedial massage therapies. Although Jay is currently the only therapist in the business, he is supported by a number of people in the background in a variety of ways -

Kate Cowan

07538 252 238

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Eat with pleasure and feel amazing! Our allergies shouldn’t define us and I truly believe that allergies aren’t about missing out but about doing things a bit differently and deliciously! I know how hard it can be to find food you can 100% trust, knowing exactly what’s in it. I take this responsibility seriously. You will know exactly what is in everything I make -

Nicola Shah

07403 998 787

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