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Bodil McCaskill

07900 566 002

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Diginet can be the most effective solution to lowering your marketing cost, exposing your company to thousands of new potential business contacts and interacting on a global scale, without the added cost of travelling to meet your client -

Gerry Brennan

07852 452 135

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As experts in business, we offer our members a wide range of vital business services including advice, financial expertise, support and a powerful voice in government. Our mission is to help smaller businesses achieve their ambitions -

autus consulting is based in Glasgow, UK and provides consultancy and strategic advice in the selection and implementation of software technologies which drive business growth and enable your business to scale. Our focus is not on the technology itself, but rather its application and implementation to ensure that it makes a significant impact to your bottom line. We advise organisations on the selection and implementation of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Customer Experience (CX), Sales Force Automation (SFA) & Marketing Automation (MA) solutions -

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East End Connections Glasgow, Not for Profit Company, Ltd by Guarantee No:622464 – Privacy