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Farah Hussain

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Results focussed, committed to excellence and makes it her mission to develop exceptional people. She has inspired high performing teams to optimise their performance and transformed underperforming teams to deliver exceptional results by understanding the importance of behaviour coaching -

Karen Yates

07472 696025

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I'm a Business Coach and I create transformational learning experiences and platforms where business owners discover new strategies and practical tactics to help them build successful, scaleable Business. I can help you find the Clarity that you need; to build a business that you love focused on your strengths and give you the Confidence, tools and tactics that you need to gain and maintain Momentum - and Turn Your IDEAS INTO ACTION! -

Michael Clerck

07762 937137

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Wherever you are on your business growth journey, we will help you find the route to unlock your business potential, ensuring a safe and smooth journey towards substantive growth and a better bottom line -

I'm a business coach who stumbled across a truly powerful mixture of creativity and management techniques by accident and a series of coincidences. So the chances are that most people will never get there on their own. However I started to apply them in the business where I was working - with astonishing results. Subsequently I have delivered £billions in value for clients. So if you are trying to transform your business let me coach you through it and help you get it right first time.

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