Busy room of networkers even though it’s Summer

Buzzing room

Cracking day and a brilliant buzz at Thursdays #GlasgowEEC July event, lots of business done and new connections made. Surprisingly busy for holiday time we had 51 attendees, 21 of them were newbies, coming from as afield as Argyle to Dundee and everything in between.

Great listening to one of our members Steve Gaston, reminding us the benefits of networking and attending workshops and training. It’s not time out of our business but we’re working on our business. Steve brings the top people in the country to his Glasgow Masterclass at affordable prices for everyone, next event 10 October with Chris Hughes

Here’s what 3 of the new attendees said about the event:

‘I was at a local event yesterday and was welcomed warmly into the fold, such a breath of fresh air. Not all networking events are equal. Now that may well set some networkers and hosts off on a rant, but I, like many professionals, have attend numerous and varied events in my work life, …..By going in with an open mind and just looking to feel the “vibe”, I left feeling relaxed and motivated knowing there was a lovely group of people on my doorstep that I could meet up with on a regular basis and just chat. Thanks go to East End Connections Networking’

Cath, Make it Happen

‘Well the almost 4 hour round trip to attend East End Connections was worth every minute. A great networking event with a real mix of attendees and I was made to feel exceptionally welcome by everyone I met. Thanks to Fiona Colbron-Brown for getting in touch to let me know about it. If you get the chance go along! Really excited to be moving the businesses to Glasgow now…def the right decision!’

Paul, Be Ambient

‘My first time at EEC it’s a great event I loved the relaxed but professional atmosphere, I will certainly be considering Joining’

Ian, Pramaze