Meet Founding Director

Fiona Colbron-Brown, Founding Director of East End Connections, originally from Dundee but has travelled working in various sectors in retail, hospitality and construction in Edinburgh, London, USA then finally Glasgow where she studied as a mature student.

Fiona fell in love with the City and made the East End of Glasgow her home in 2007 where she has run a couple of micro businesses, as a partner and sole trader, she has experienced first-hand the difficulties faced whilst running a business from home.

  • The daily struggles of working alone with no one to turn to when stuck.
  • The lack of skills and knowledge to keep up with the ever changing technology.
  • Isolation and constant distractions faced from working at home.

These are all too common issues people face to survive, no matter what type of business they are running.  Statistics show a high percentage of small businesses fail within 2 years due to lack of skills, knowledge and tools to run a successful business.

This is where Fiona’s vision came about, drawing from her own experiences and connections she’s built up over 40 years, she is strives to help local people struggling to sustain and thrive with their businesses.

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